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2120 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, California

Mission City Post 564


August - 2009
All upcoming Department Events are posted
as the information is made available by HQ


   We need your events!

  1. American Legion Yountville Golf Tournament
       July 31, 2009
  2. American Legion Days Yountville Picnic
      August 1 & 2, 2009
  3. Fall  Department Executive Committee Meeting
       August 7-9, 2009
  4. Bar-B-Que Fundraiser
    Help Save The American Legion Post 426, Yucaipa, CA

    Saturday, August 8, 2009

11th Annual Yountville Veterans Home
American Legion Golf Tournament
 Hank Ondler Memorial - Friday July 31, 2009 - 8:00 am Tee Off
Vintner's Golf Course - On the grounds of the California Veterans Home of Yountville
  for more details... click here
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127th Anniversary of the Yountville Veteran’s Home
American Legion Days - August 1 & 2, 2009. . . more details
Saturday, August 1st :
6:00p.m.  BBQ Pork Roast By Jim Enloe + crew  Cost $12.00  Picnic Grounds
Sunday, August 2nd :
10:45 a.m.  Flag Raising Ceremony
11:00 a.m.  Memorial Service
11:15 a.m.  Musical Entertainment
12:00 p.m.  Lunch – Beer and Soft Drinks available at concession stand
                  by Geri Fitzpatrick + crew
                  Ice Cream Cones – District 5 Auxiliary
                  Kids Games
1:00 p.m.  Introduction of Distinguished Guests – John J. “Jack” Flynn
                Welcome – Commander Post 306
                Welcome – Home Administrator – Marcela McCormack
                Remarks by Department Commander Dennis Fercho
                Remarks by Department President Norma DuVall
2:00 p.m. Pie Eating Contest
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Fall  Department Executive Committee Meeting
 August 7-9, 2009
 Lodi Post 22, Legion Memorial Bldg, 320 N. Washington St., Lodi
  Phone: (209) 368-1420
The Fall DEC will be hosted by Lodi Post 22 in Lodi. 
  Contact: Ken Kramlich for information at (209) 368-5683 or (209) 479-2884
Cut-Off Dates for Lodging
Lodi Inn is July 24 and Hampton Inn & Suites is July 17.
 Lodging (HQ): Lodi Inn, 1140 S. Cherokee Lane, Lodi, Ca. 95240
  Phone: (209) 334-6422 (Legion Rate Good Until July 24) All rooms:  $99.96 + tax
 Other Lodging: Hampton Inn & Suites, 1337 S. Beckman Rd., Lodi, Ca.  95240
  Phone: (209) 369-2700 (Legion Rate Good Until July 17) All rooms:  $114.00 + tax
Meeting Schedule
 Friday, August 7 (At Post 22)
  9:00 AM: Department Finance Commission Meeting
  1:00 PM: Department Ways and Means Commission Meeting
 Saturday, August 8 (At Post 22)
  9:00 AM: DEC Meeting
  TBA: Membership/1st Vice Commanders
 Sunday, August 9 (At Post 22)
  9:00 AM: DEC Meeting
SAL Commission
  SAL DEC Information contact:
  Adj. Don Bedell – (562) 688-9559 or E-mail:
Post Menu:
  Breakfast Saturday & Sunday - $6.00
  Lunch Saturday - $7.00
  Dinner - $12.00
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Bar-B-Que Fundraiser
Help Save The American Legion Post 426, Yucaipa, CA

Saturday, August 8th - 5:00 pm
Entertainment: Karaoke by Frankie
Where:  American Legion Post 426, 12167 California Street, Yucaipa, CA
Phone: 909-790-4030
Sponsored by: American Legion Post 574 Morrison Memorial, Moreno Valley, CA


AFSA.jpg powmiaLOGOsm.gif


Chapter 1379

            Air Force Sergeants Association

“The Mike Hammer Chapter”
Onizuka AFS, CA
Tenth Annual National POW/MIA Recognition Dinner Program
       Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) Mike Hammer Chapter 1379 is participating, for the 10th consecutive year, in the nationwide programs to honor and remember our country’s Prisoners of War and Missing in Action from World War II to the present. Our participation will be in the form of a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Recognition Dinner Program at American Legion Mission City Post 564 Hall in Santa Clara on Friday, 18 September 2009.
      Our Guest Speaker this year is Commander Larry Friese, USN (Ret). He was a USMC Captain performing as Bombader/Navigator on an A-6A Intruder when it was shot down over North Vietnam on 24 February 1968.  He was held as a prisoner of war for 5 years, 1 month (1845 days) before he was repatriated on 14 March 1973.  Commander Friese evaded capture for four days after he was shot down.
Specifics for the event are:
Date:  Friday, 18 September 2009
Time:  5:30 PM no-host social hour.
            6:30 PM Dinner/Program (Meal service at approximately 7:00 PM.)
Place: American Legion Mission City Post 564, 2120 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara
Cost per Person: $30.00 until 11 Sep 09; $35.00 after 11 Sep 09 and at door.
Cost per Table for 10: $270.00 until 11 Sep 09; $300.00 after 11 Sep 09 and at door.
Meal: Buffet Dinner consisting of Pot roast with vegetables, meat loaf with mushroom sauce, seasoned roast chicken, whipped potatoes with gravy, hot vegetables, tossed green salad and dressing, macaroni vegetable salad, pickled beet salads, dinner roll and butter, dessert.
Recommended Dress:
      Military: Service Dress
      Civilian: Gentlemen: Coat and Tie
      Ladies: Short or Long Cocktail Dress or Pants Suit
     Reservations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis but not later than Friday, 11 September 2009. Table assignments will be made in the order reservations are received.
For more information, contact Tony Rollis. Telephone: (408) 379-9604, or e-mail:
Thank you for your participation in the 2009 National POW/MIA Recognition Program.
Tony Rollis
President, AFSA Chapter 1379
Program Chairman










 Co-Sponsored by Vietnam Veteran's of America


 National League of POW/MIA Families


 American Legion, Mission City Post 564


 Local Veteran Posts


 Motorcycle Poker Run


 (Proceeds to Benefit National League of POW/MIA Families and Veterans)


 SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2009

Saturday 9/19/09

 9:00 am



 Poker-Run Registration Opens (Coffee & Donuts)

     Registration opens for Motorcycle Poker Run at Mission City Post 564, 2120 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA


 Rider Safety Briefing

     Brief remarks to participants by Santa Clara Mayor Mahan


 1st Rider Stick Departs (5-10 minutes between groups*)


 Poker Run (stops at several VSO buildings)

     Mayor on lead-bike to local County Veterans Buildings/Posts


 Poker Run End Party With Awards, Prize/Raffle Drawings, BBQ and Entertainment

     Return and Final Stop at American Legion Mission City Post 564 for BBQ and entertainment, prizes and the beginning of Operation WatchFire, 24Hour Vigil




 POW/MIA WatchFire Opening Ceremony                   

     Open to the Public ~ Participation ENCOURAGED!

     Reading of names of POW/MIAs from Bay Area (ALL WARS)

     Missing Man Table Honors and Lighting of POW/MIA Candles

     24-Hour Vigil ~ Dignified, Respectful Fellowship

     Security provided by Veterans and Volunteers

     Closing Ceremonies, Sunday at 5:30 pm

   1.  Welcome and Opening Remarks

   2.  Posting of Colors (local VSO Joint Color Guard)

   3.  Presentation of VSO Colors

   4.  Pledge of Allegiance

   5.  National Anthem

   6.  Invocation and Blessing

   7.  Introductions

   8.  Speakers

   9.  Presentations of Awards

 10.  WatchFire Lightning Ceremony

 11.  Posting of WatchFire Firewatch Detail**

 12.  Thanks and Salutations

 13.  Closing

Sunday 9/20/09 


 Closing Ceremony

     Welcoming Remarks

     Thanks and Presentation of Certificates of Participation

     Retiring of Colors

     Relief and Dismissal of Fire Watch Detail

     Extinguishing the WatchFire Flame



Depends on number of riders and division into groups/sticks 


WatchFire Fire Watch Detail Tour of Duty (1-2 hours) Depending on number of volunteers 


 National League of Families Vietnam Veterans of America

 Phone:  (408) 605-0894                     Phone:  (408) 607-4030                  Email:





Senate Resolution 260

    Whereas, on September 16, 1919, Congress issued to the American Legion a Federal charter as a wartime veterans service organization;

    Whereas the American Legion remains active in communities at the national, State, and local levels;

    Whereas members of the American Legion (commonly referred to as ``Legionnaires'') provide millions of hours of volunteer service to medical facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs and State homes for veterans throughout the United States;

    Whereas the American Legion continues to sponsor activities for children and youth, including the National Oratorical Contest, Boy Scouts, American Legion Baseball, Boys State, and Boys Nation;

    Whereas the American Legion awards millions of dollars in college scholarships to young men and women;

    Whereas the American Legion National Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to Legionnaires displaced by natural disasters;

    Whereas the American Legion Family Support Network provides assistance to members of the Armed Forces of the United States and their families;

    Whereas the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation has provided millions of dollars to programs focused on youth in the United States, including the Special Olympics and the Children's Miracle Network;

    Whereas the American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance provides grants to veterans with children experiencing financial hardships;

    Whereas the American Legion remains second to none in steadfast support of strong national defense;

    Whereas the American Legion supports maintaining a viable and principled foreign relations agenda;

    Whereas the American Legion is a staunch advocate for the principal missions of the Department of Veterans Affairs;

    Whereas the American Legion wrote the original draft of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 (58 Stat. 284, chapter 268), commonly referred to as the ``G. I. Bill of Rights'';

    Whereas the American Legion continues to support employment programs and opportunities for veterans; and

    Whereas Legionnaires believe that a veteran's service to the United States continues long after the veteran is honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate designates September 16, 2009, as ``The American Legion Day''.


From: Secor, Kevin

Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 1:50 PM
Subject: Patient Care Group Scam

I have received many reports that Veterans are being contacted by "Patient Care Group" representing that they are helping administer VA prescriptions and stating that the pharmacy billing procedures have changed and they are therefore requesting Veteran credit card numbers for prescription payments in advance of filling their prescriptions.  This is false.  VA does not call Veterans asking to disclose personal financial information over the phone.  VA has not changed its processes for dispensing prescription medicines.

Kevin Secor
Veterans Service Organizations Liaison
Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Washington, DC



 (September 1, 2009)

       I received this from another list, but those of you who receive medications from the VA or from ChampVA should be aware of this scam.  Kay  (Gold Star Wives of America, Washington D.C., Mid Atlantic Region) 

                                       FRAUD ALERT!
     The Department of Veterans Affairs has reported that the "Patient Care Group" is conducting a scam operation against veterans who receive VA prescriptions.

     Callers claiming to be representatives of this group tell veterans that their prescriptions are being administered by the company. They then ask for credit card information so that the veterans can continue to receive their medications.

     VA officials said that the department has made no change to its prescription system, and that veterans should not provide any information to callers from this group.

     Veterans with questions about VA services should contact the nearest VA medical center or call, toll-free, 1-877-222-8387.


 August 9, 2009 - As a lifetime member of the Gold Star Wives of America, I just wanted to share this with you.  Check out the hyperlink.  Shirley B. (Web Master)

  My name is Sarah White and I am a therapist in California.  I wrote a children's book for the children who have lost a soldier.   I give away as many as I can and recently figured out how to get a copy on youtube so families can have it for free.   I just wanted to share the link with you because of the work you do for these families.   Thank you for your time.
Sarah White


Fantastic photos taken 68 years ago. Some of you will have to go to a museum to see
what a Brownie camera looked like?   

These photos are absolutely incredible....
Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

Administrator's Note:  This is an email received from Gary Ragsdale,  Thank You Gary!!


OPM finalizes hiring preferences for military spouses

By Alyssa Rosenberg August 12, 2009

The Office of Personnel Management has finalized a rule allowing federal agencies to hire the spouses of some military service members without requiring them to compete for jobs.

"The intended effect of this rule is to facilitate the entry of military spouses into the federal civil service as part of an effort to recruit and retain skilled and experienced members of the armed forces and to recognize and honor the service of members injured, disabled, or killed in connection with their service," OPM director John Berry wrote in notes on the regulation, published in the Federal Register on Wednesday.

The rule allows agencies to appoint the husbands or wives of members of the armed forces to jobs without comparing them to other candidates under three conditions: if a service member is transferred to a new location permanently, becomes completely disabled during active duty (though the injuries do not have to result from combat), or dies during an active-duty assignment. If the spouse is killed during service, the widow or widower must remain unmarried before receiving an appointment.

Administrator's Note:  This article was emailed to me by the Gold Star Wives.


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