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2120 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, California

Mission City Post 564




On 16 April 1961, Mission City Post 564 applied for a Charter.  Mission City Post 564's Temporary Charter was received 9 May 1961, with the Permanent Charter coming on 9 April 1962.

The name "Mission City" was chosen because the City of Santa Clara is known as the Mission City.  It grew up around the Mission of Santa Clara De Assis, which was founded six months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, on 12 January 1777 by Father Thomas De La Pena.  Today the ancient adobe structure and the planting of roses, wisteria and olive trees still stand in the heart of the University of Santa Clara. 


The following is from the 1975-1976 Commander History Book:

      While Mission City Post 564 started out with a membership of 41 as of Convention of 1961, in the past 15 years it has accomplished almost the impossible.

      In 1967 a lot was purchased at the cost of $69,000.00.  At that time we owned a lot in the middle of a block of weeds.  Through the hard work of some very dedicated Legionnaires, the money was raised to pay off the mortgage on the lot and then the planning of the Post Home began.

      During the construction of the building it seemed that if something could go wrong, it did!  Ground breaking was on 7 September 1972.  Then it started to rain, and continued to rain almost all winter long, or so it seemed to us waiting for completion of the building.  Finally, on Memorial Day 1973, we took official possession of the New Post Home.  A day that few of us will ever forget - a dream finally realized.

      But our troubles were far from over.  We went down to A.B.C. (Alcohol Beverage Control) to pick up the "Open Bar" license purchased the previous year, but held in escrow because the building was not completed, to find it has been turned in.  We were lucky enough to be granted a beer and wine license, and had to make do with that.  There were no funds for bar furniture, or patio furniture, so one of the Legionnaires dug down and bought them.  (He was repaid very shortly).  The Auxiliary took over running the kitchen for lunches and in the evenings on a volunteer basis.  This put quite a few dollars in the Auxiliary account.

      In September 1973 the A.B.C. held a drawing for 25 new liquor licenses, with approximately 50 applicants, Mission City Post 564 was number 13 to be drawn.  Now another Legionnaire got out his Master Charge and bought a commercial ice machine.  It is the actions of these two Legionnaires, and others like them, a devotion to the Legion far and above the call of duty that earns them Gold Card Life Memberships.

      With the Open Bar license, everything in the building has been paid for, all the furniture, vending machines, kitchen supplies, etc. and the building is on a self-supporting basis.  We are working on a Mortgage-Burning Fund through U.S. Savings Bonds donated by life members, the Auxiliary, individual Legionnaires, other posts and hope to burn the mortgage in 1983.

      Since having our own Post Home we have been yearly hosts to the Santa Clara Fire Fighters Association, and several State and local Police Department functions.

      In March 1975 we had the honor of hosting the March D.E.C.  It was a lot of hard work, but the comments that we received made it all more than worthwhile.  In September of this year we had the honor of hosting the Northern California Membership and Leadership Seminar.

      Plans are now being made to enlarge the bar and to have a private, members only, Club Room on a to-be-built second floor. 

(Updates will occur as additional information is received)

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