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2120 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, California

Mission City Post 564

Larry Leonardo


January 2016

      Happy New Year to all of our Legion Family Members and their families. I hope the New Year finds you safe, in good health, and with renewed energy for the upcoming year. I sincerely hope you and your had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Year.
      I would like to thank all those American Legion Family members that help out with decorating the Post home in celebration of the Christmas Holidays. In particular, one person who for many years has put up the Christmas tree with the help of her little elves and has been instrumental in the decorating of our Post Home. She not only decorates but has devoted her time and energy for our American Legion Family at our various functions, but also gives her time for the benefits of our veterans’ community.  Margie Taiclet, thank you for your time and energy in making our Post Home a little more like home for everyone that visits our Post Home. There are other people who have contributed throughout the year for the betterment of our Post, our Legion Family and our Veterans’ community and we hope to eventually personally thank each of one for your efforts.
      On December 9th thru December 16th, the National Commander, Dale Barnett, visited the Department of California. On December 12th the National Commander, was present for the dedication of the new Department of California’s Headquarters in Sanger. I was able to go to the ceremony with only a day and a half notice of his itinerary. Sorry I couldn’t get the word out in time. Post 564 had its own parking spot reserved with a placard as a result of our Charities donation to the HQ renovations. It
was gratifying to see the placard in place. Thank you, Mission City Charities for your help in the cost of renovating out new HQ.
      Membership dues. Just a reminder, that as of January 1, 2016 our post per capita tax to Dept. and National is now $33.50 per members. Mission City Post 564 will continue to collect $35.00 per unpaid member until July 1, 2016, at which time the Post will charge each member $40.00 per year. The Post has voted to absorb the cost increase from January 1, 2016 until July 1, 2016 as a way of thanking our members for their continuing membership in this great organization.
      I hope to see everyone at our next meeting in January.




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